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raw milk cheese

parish hill creamery is a family endeavor drawing on peter dixon's 35 years of cheesemaking and consulting experience.  with rachel and alex, and the apprentices and children, peter is orchestrating the fermentation and transformation of excellent milk into beautiful and delicious cheese. 

parish hill cheese is the expression of raw milk from elm lea farm in the hands of the cheesemakers, with creamery propagated cultures, traditional rennet, and hand harvested sea salt. 

the alchemy of make and age take place in the village of westminster west, vermont.  



the milk is raw and the methods are traditional. 

we get beautiful milk from elm lea farm at the putney school, just up the road from the creamery.  the milk is the result of healthy animals grazing on lush pastures.  protein and fat are balanced ideally for the cheeses we produce, and the cheese changes subtly throughout the season,  reflecting the growth and maturation of various pasture plants.



our starter cultures are made from the milk of four individual cows.  the herdsmen, pete and phil, chose helga, abigail, clothilde, and sonia for their health, their components, and their disposition.  they chose well, and as a result we are able to make mother cultures that are truly an articulation of the milk.  our cheese is a revelation of that milk, these cows, those pastures, the water, and the land.




we make cheese by hand.  (though, in his 30th year of cheesemaking, peter finally got that dutch vat with the electric stirrers...) 

from pick-up at the farm, to fermentation and flocculation in the vat, to hooping, to salting, to flipping and washing, brushing and hanging, and ultimately readying for market.


peter makes cheese traditionally, simply, as near to home as possible, and with the highest quality ingredients and results as can be had.   rachel landed in the catbird seat:  making and sharing the fruits of parish hill, and more, working with peter and alex in this pursuit.  alex hadn't planned to make cheese, but there is a predilection, and she keeps us on point and on task.  so why not?


parish hill creamery is the culmination of over 35 years of making cheese, working with cheesemakers, teaching classes, solving problems, and imagining possibilities. we love making cheese.