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Richmond is for Cheese Lovers - ACS in Virginia

  • Greater Richmond Convention Center 403 North 3rd Street Richmond, VA, 23219 United States (map)


July 31-August 3, 2019
Greater Richmond Convention Center


#8 – Natural Wine, Natural Cheese  (Tasting) 

  • Lydia Clarke, Marnie Clarke, Francis Percival, Erin Scala, Rachel Fritz Schaal

In the last twenty years the natural wine movement has been a dynamic force shaping the wine world. This is the movement that unites the most exciting wine venues from Brooklyn to Tokyo. The drive for wines of minimal intervention is no mere hipster affectation: it has placed questions of ethics, authenticity, and farming at the center of young wine consumers’ worldview. In this tasting we explore how the philosophy of the natural wine movement is mirrored in recent developments within the dairy industry. Both are agricultural products with the capacity to communicate a sense of place, and autochthonous microbes are equally central to the conversation. Can the cheese industry use the energy and excitement that surrounds natural wine as an opportunity to engage new consumers? And are there any pitfalls that can be avoided?

#9 — Cheese Milk: Adding Value & Improving Quality

  • Peter Dixon, Seth Leach, Sue Miller, Jesse Werner

Exceptional cheese starts with exceptional milk. Choice of breed, feed, equipment, handling, and scale all playa role in milk production, and these choices make the difference between fluid milk and milk suited to cheesemaking. Hear how a cheesemaker and a dairy farmer have worked together so that the farmer is compensated for making exceptional milk and the cheesemaker avoids milk-related quality problems. We will discuss how clear contracts clarify farmer/cheesemaker relationships and share a few sample contracts that have been used in successful partnerships.

#39 — At The Vat ...

  • Alyce Birchenough, Peter Dixon, Helen Feete, Vito Forte

Cheesemaking is a physically, mentally, & emotionally challenging job, and as a young cheesemaker it is very easy to be swayed behind the scenes or into another avenue of the cheese industry. Listen to the stories of career cheesemakers and what has driven them to remain at the vat, day in and day out over the decades. These stories are from the people who are some of the few pioneers of the American artisan cheese movement.

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