vermont cheesemakers' festival 2017

This was the 9th annual (and my 8th!) VT Cheesemakers' Festival.  Of the 2000 souls in attendance this year, most were turophiles, enthusiasts, and geeks out to spend a day tasting cheese and sampling other affiliated and/or harmonious comestibles.  

photo by  sabin gratz

photo by sabin gratz

Every year has been great, but the festival is admittedly more fun now that I don't run the show and instead just get to be a cheesemaker.  

photo: sabin gratz

photo: sabin gratz

The festival is amazing in the way that cheesemakers and cheese people converge.  As hard as it is to leave the farm, or the creamery, or the factory, we do revel in seeing one another and hearing tales, and tasting cheese.  And more, we are edified to share our wares and tell our tales to those who make the pilgrimage to taste and talk on the shores of Lake Champlain.

photo:   sabin gratz

This year I was honored to take part in the Farmstead & Artisan Cheesemaker talks. We had a full house to hear how Shelburne Farms, Jasper Hill, Shelburne Vineyard, and Parish Hill Creamery got started.   

Sabin Gratz has been the official photographer for the VT Cheesemakers' Festival.  The photos are beautiful, capturing the magic of the day.

of course, the best part of the day is jumping in the lake.

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