food matters (again) up on parish hill

Food Matters Again is our NYC distributor.  We have been fortunate to find a few really great distributors to work with, and we are well aware this is no small feat.  

A few weeks back Katie, Kay, Ben, and Dimitri came up to Vermont for a whirlwind tour and visit.  After a successful escape from New York, they arrived in time to stretch mozzarella, share wine and enjoy dinner and porch times until well after dark.  Our friend Tall got to see us act like business owners and professionals, and Marty took full advantage of the opportunity to pick brains about the industry.  

Morning meant more porch times over eggs and pork from our farm and plenty of maple syrup.  

porch times

porch times

We got them suited up and into the creamery for an Idyll make and then toured the cellar and the mobile.  We talked big and small picture: the state of small-scale cheese production in the US and the haps here on Parish Hill, the value of various scales and models of cheesemaking, what makes great milk and therefore great cheese, how our cheese is doing in the various restaurants and retail shops they sell to, and how communication helps sell cheese. 

These folks are incredibly knowledgable and passionate about the products and producers they represent.  Hearing their thoughts on the industry and the universe only confirmed our understanding of how and why they treat our cheese and, as importantly, our story with such care.  We are so very glad to be working with them...